Read here the most frequently asked questions. Other questions? Feel free to contact us.

General questions about sustainable packaging:

What makes Conservepack's packaging sustainable?

Our products are made with plant fibres and are certified compostable under EN:13432 - an EU harmonised system.

Which materials are used in your sustainable packaging?

Our products are manufactured using plant fibres. Most notably palm fibre and a tree resin. This also makes it more durable than generally used paper packaging.

Are the packaging materials biodegradable?

Yes. All our products are biodegradable.


Do you offer custom packaging solutions?

Yes! Developing custom packaging solutions is one of the most exciting parts of our work.

How can I request a quote for custom packaging?

Write to us about your requirement at info@conservepack.com We will ask you a few questions and get working on the concept. You can find more information on the custom solutions process here https://www.conservepack.com/custom-solutions

What is the minimum order volume for custom solutions?

Anywhere from 500,000 units to 2,000,000 units

Design and branding

Can you assist with designing custom packaging?

Yes! Developing custom packaging solutions is one of the most exciting parts of our work.

Are there any limitations regarding colors or design elements for printed packaging?

We can offer our moulded pulp packaging in two materials and colour variants. Natural kraft colour packaging made with palm fibre and natural white colour packaging made with spruce fibre. We do not add any colours or dyes to our products - we like to keep them natural.

How is my brand identity integrated into the packaging designs?

Our brand identity is embossed on the packaging.

Environmental friendliness

Are the packaging materials recyclable?

Yes! Our moulded pulp packaging can be recycled in the paper stream.

How does using your packaging contribute to reducing environmental impact?

Our products are a responsible and effective replacement to plastic packaging. After their useful life, our packaging can be disposed of for composting or recycling.

Are there certifications confirming the sustainability of your packaging?

Yes. Our products are certified compostable under the EU harmonised system for industrially compostable materials - EN13432. We are also in the process of acquiring a home compostable certification.

Ordering process and delivery time

What is the typical ordering process for standard packaging?

We always recommend our customers to request samples and test them in their packing line and supply chain. Once the product has passed, which it so far always does, you can place an order with us. We will process and deliver it as soon as we can.

How long does it take to produce and deliver custom packaging?

14 to 18 weeks. The actual timeline for this varies depending on the customer’s unique requirements and commercial testing processes.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes! We can offer you CIF port delivered prices to destinations where we do not have a direct presence.

Quality and warranty

What quality controls are applied to your packaging?

Our products are manufactured in a BRCGS certified facility. This ensures highest standards of safety and hygiene in the production and handling processes.

Pricing and payment

How are prices for your packaging determined?

We factor in the amount of material used, cost of tooling and shipping. We operate on a lean business model to keep our prices low and promote wide adoption of sustainable packaging.

Are there discounts available for large orders?

Yes. Our prices are dependent on order quantities.

What are the available payment methods?

Most of our clients have credit terms with us. However, the first order is always on advance or on-delivery payment terms.

Packaging applications

Which industries do you serve with your packaging?

We presently focus on the fresh produce industry. We also have some new products being lined up for the beverages industry as well.

Can you recommend specific packaging for certain products?

Absolutely! Our packaging is meticulously designed for their applications. For example, if you are an avocado farmer or packer, we have three different products that are designed to pack avocados in a sustainable and attractive way.

Are there examples of successful packaging solutions you have provided?

Plenty! While we do not have them presented here on the website, we can always connect you with one of our clients who will be happy to share their experience of working with us.

Can your packaging handle high humidity and cold storage conditions?

Yes! Thanks to the raw materials we use, our products perform well in these conditions. They absorb some moisture but maintain their shape and strength fairly well.

How does your packaging affect the shelf life of the fruits & vegetables packed in them?

Interestingly, we found that our packaging increases the shelf life of the produce in them. This is because our packaging absorbs excess moisture from the produce and prevents the formation of mold.

How does your packaging differ from the ones made with bagasse?

Both the raw materials that we use, palm fibre and spruce fibre, exhibit superior strength and moisture resisting properties than bagasse. They also do not require any of the chemical additives that bagasse packaging requires to achieve moisture resistance.